Get a vehicle report

Why it's worth investing in a VIR® vehicle history check

Did you know that based on VIR's generated over the past three years, one in three vehicles we check has money owing, an inconsistent odometer or is reported stolen? If you buy a car without getting a full history check you run the risk of it being repossessed or being worth far less than you paid for it.

MotorWeb is designed to take the hassle out of purchasing - helping you get on the road in your new vehicle quickly and safely.

We conduct nearly half-a million vehicle history checks every year. Within seconds you will know all the important facts such as any hidden debts, inconsistent odometer readings or if the vehicle has been reported stolen. We protect New Zealand vehicle buyers.

Our VIR® is the most comprehensive report in New Zealand with over 70 checks, including safety and security information (where available). We can check all registered vehicles - cars, trucks, boat trailers, motorcycles and caravans.

In just 15 seconds, a VIR® will comprehensively check the vehicle's history within New Zealand alerting you to important information such as:

  • whether the seller is the registered owner
  • if the vehicle is reported stolen
  • any money owing on the vehicle (because if there is, the vehicle could be repossessed)
  • whether NZTA have flagged the vehicle as being a flood damaged import or having a wound back or tampered odometer
  • any outstanding Road User Charges
  • the vehicle's fuel economy ratings
  • and loads more!

We give you comprehensive, yet simple explanations, advice and knowledge. Any problems uncovered in the VIR® are clearly highlighted. We provide a full explanation of our findings and what you need to do about them, helping you to make a wise and safe purchase, before any money changes hands.