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1. When will I receive my report?

If you purchase the report online it will appear on your screen in less than 15 seconds. It will also be emailed to you.

If you purchase the report from our call centre (0800 843 847) your report will be read to you and then emailed.

2. Does the VIR® show all the problems that may exist with a vehicle?

No, there may be information that is not publicly or electronically available. The VIR® is unlikely to be able to show:

  • any history of the vehicle while it was outside of New Zealand
  • any history of the vehicle prior to 1994/95
  • details of import damage if the vehicle has not been previously registered in NZ
  • accident, damage and repair history of the vehicle
  • all past odometer readings
  • the registered owner's name if it is a private person
  • if the vehicle is stolen and has not been reported as stolen or if the police database link is down

3. Will the VIR® always show if the odometer has been wound?

No, the VIR® contains all odometer readings currently available from the NZTA, and analyses these for any inconsistent readings.

However, some older vehicles have not had all their odometer readings recorded by the NZTA. The VIR® will identify if NZTA deemed the odometer to have been tampered with but cannot directly determine if a vehicle's odometer was wound back prior to arriving in New Zealand. The VIR® does everything it can to identify problems - but it cannot guarantee that the vehicle's odometer has not been wound.

4. Where does the information come from?

The information is sourced from several government and private sector organisations, then collated and analysed.

  • PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register)
  • NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency)
  • NZ Police
  • MotorWeb's own private database

5. How accurate is the information?

The information is sourced from several third party organisations in real time when you purchase a VIR®.

To the best of our knowledge, the information is correct at the time the VIR® is generated.

Please note:

  • The information is only as accurate and up-to-date as what is held in the government databases.
  • The information should only be considered valid at the time the VIR® was generated. Anything can happen after that.

6. How does the VIR® differ from other vehicle history reports?

The VIR® is the most comprehensive vehicle history check on the market and the only vehicle check with a $100,000 Repossession Guarantee. Find out more

7. Does my VIR® update over time?

No, VIRs are only valid at the time of issue.

Reports accessed through a reference number may be out of date due to subsequent changes made in the government databases. Think of it as a snapshot of the vehicle at the time of issue.

8. Is there a free number I can call to check for money owing on a vehicle?

Not anymore, the Government's free calling number ceased operations in 1999.

9. What if something goes wrong?

We don't generally give refunds for our products and services (for example, for a change of mind), however there may be exceptions so if you experience any issues, please contact our customer support team on 0800 843 847 or at

Privacy and security

1. Is this a secure site?

To prevent unauthorised access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the privacy of your information, we've put in place systems to help safeguard and secure the information we collect on-line.

Since your credit card information is especially sensitive, we take special care to keep it secure. We only communicate this information over secure Internet connections, using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption and security keys. This is the currently accepted standard for on-line security, and is used by the likes of banks, government agencies, etc.

2. Our privacy policy

MotorWeb (including VIR) is a service provided by Trade Me Limited. This means Trade Me's privacy policy applies to our use, collection, storage and disclosure of your information when you use MotorWeb or purchase a VIR.

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